…art is life, life is art…

Every decision made with intention has the ability to provide more functionality and harmony in this collective story we are weaving. I believe life is about the process not just the destination…so why not make the process inspiring, challenging, and fun!

I enjoy assisting people in meeting their individual needs from a collective perspective through nurturing equitable relationships!

My mission is to connect magical people with ideas, resources, experiences, and communities that inspire and support their growth…mind, body, and soul!

It is my gift, my pleasure, and my highest joy to express, guide, facilitate, co-create, and witness others learning, growing, healing, and increasing their pleasure through the creative process.

May we all thrive in love!

portrait of Roxanne Abell with a bright mustard yellow background cropped at the breasts. Her hair is short purple and purple under a black 1950s style hat she is wearing with the netting covering her hazel eyes. Large silver hoop earrings dangle from her mostly hidden ears. Her lips are red like the glove on her left hand that is laying upon her chest where her heart would be. She is in a red and white vertical striped sleeveless boatneck dress. There are freckles on the peachy/tan skin of her left shoulder which is exposed to the camera. She is looking directly at the camera with an engaging, and content expression. Her closed red lipped mouth turned slightly up in a smile.
Photos by Emily Waters